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Seaside Escape Set

Seaside Escape Set

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Surrender to the allure of the coast with our Seaside Escape Set, pairing a luxurious Body Butter with an invigorating Sea Salt Scrub, both carrying the essence of a blissful beach day. Our Seaside Body Butter is a celebration of the shore, its formula rich with the warmth of sun-toasted sand and the crispness of ocean spray, accented by a whisper of salt.

As you smooth on the butter, let the tender notes of jasmine and the brightness of zesty mandarin transport you to a tranquil seaside garden. The Sea Salt Scrub complements the experience, exfoliating with nature's own minerals to rejuvenate your skin, as if kissed by the sea itself.

Together, this set is an ode to the ocean's beauty, a duo that hydrates and refreshes, leaving your skin silky and your spirit as free as the coastline breeze.

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