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African Exfoliating Net

African Exfoliating Net

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What it is: It's a 100% high quality knitted and long lasting nylon cloth that offers an effective way to exfoliate the entire body during cleansing.

Benefits: African Sponges help prevent itchy, dry skin by exfoliating the body and helps improve the look of blemishes on the skin’s surface. A scrubber-like material that exfoliates the dead skin and makes your skin soft.  It will help improve skin texture and reduce ingrown hairs. The size and stretchy material helps you reach your entire body with ease! They are a great way to help keep your skin looking smooth and clear of blemishes!

Notes: Hardness level varies for each color, see below on scale of 1 to 5 (very soft to very hard)

  • White (For Sensitive skin) - 2
  • Red - 3
  • Fuchsia - 4
  • Orange - 4
  • Blue - 5 

 Dimensions: Each piece is 16″x 30″ un-stretched; length can stretch up to 45″.



How to use

Use in the shower. On wet skin, apply a dime-sized amount of moisturizing body wash then brush all over the body. Hang the Body Buff to dry.



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